CInTech: Technological Hub for Innovation, Translation and Industrialization of Complex Injectable Drugs

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€29.47 million

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Mobilizing Agendas /Alliances for Reindustrialization

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The CInTech aims to create and empower the 1st Technological Hub for Innovation, Translation, and Industrialization dedicated to complex injectable drugs: innovative technological platforms capable of incorporating different therapeutic agents for oncology (small molecules, peptides, nucleic acids).

It will be a unique Hub comprising 3 Centers: A laboratory-scale R&I center dedicated to stimulating translation of knowledge and technology; a development, process engineering and scale-up center, focused on analytical development and prototyping; and a highly specialized GMP Center, capable of manufacturing complex injectable, developed by the consortium or by third parties.

CInTech will be a structuring and mobilizing project, with a high impact on the economy and scientific innovation in Portugal, promoting synergistic cooperation between SMEs, non-SMEs, and the National Scientific and Technological System (SCTN), and the creation of a highly differentiated portfolio, which, in addition to the benefits for the patient, represents a contribution to the exports of high-technology tradable goods and services.

Main objectives:
CInTech consortium is a strategic and synergistic alliance that brings together Portuguese industries in the pharmaceutical sector (Bluepharma - Indústria Farmacêutica, S.A.), intralogistics (JPM - Automação e Equipamentos Industriais, S.A.), engineering (JointSteel - Process Technologies, S.A.), and biotechnology (Biotrend - Inovação e Engenharia em Biotecnologia, S.A.), along with some of the most dynamic and innovative centers (University of Coimbra and the Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory). The consortium aims to deliver a total of seven products, processes, and/or services (PPS):

  • PPS1 (product) – New polymeric excipient with potential to be used in complex injectable formulations and patentable;
  • PPS2 (process, service) – New unit for Design, Production and Analytical Control of nucleic acids;
  • PPS3 (product) – Novel lipid technological platform (LNP) for delivery of therapeutic agents;
  • PPS4 (product) – Novel polymer technological platform (PNP) for delivery of therapeutic agents;
  • PPS5 (product) – New set of customized process equipment for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • PPS6 (product) – New digital solution for process management and monitoring;
  • PPS7 (process, service) – Construction and empowerment of dedicated centers for development and GMP manufacturing of complex injectables.