Environment. Social. Economy


Bluepharma has maintained genuine concerns for sustainable development since its beginning.

Faced with the various existing threats - the consequences of devastation and ecological imbalance, financial crises and enormous social inequalities - sustainability is now, more than ever, everyone’s responsibility.                                                                     

Our company is strongly invested in evaluating and monitoring all Quality, Environment Occupational Health and Safety goals, outlined in the beginning of each year, as well as to make it public to its employees.                

The policies are made possible through the individual development of each employee along with a group work, which focuses on defining, revising, approving and implementing new and more ambitious goals for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.                   

Considered one of the most attractive employing companies in the country in the areas of Life Sciences, according to a study by Universum, in Portugal, Bluepharma is also one of the largest companies in the region, guaranteeing stability to the community in which it operates and taking in consideration all of our stakeholders. 

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Bluelinks. Integration of social, economic and environmental goals

The Bluepharma Group has developed an internal program called Bluelinks, which aims to integrate its social, economic and environmental objectives, structuring and developing the various actions and initiatives it promotes


Credibility, transparency and performance are continuous statements of Bluepharma´s Environmental Policy.

Besides ISO 14001 certification, Bluepharma is registered with EMAS, enhancing environmental and financial performance, regarding a high quality environmental management, efficiency of resources and cost savings.

EMAS’s transparent reporting contributes to a more efficient determination of legal compliance and contributes as well to increase environmental awareness of employees, supporting transition to circular economy.


Bluepharma provides various support to the community in which it operates, in the form of donations, actions and sponsorships.

We believe that the small gestures trigger great actions, and that together we will take the Bluelinks project further!

The Bluepharma Group will continue to effectively support the development of the Centro Region, the creation of better living conditions for its inhabitants, and to support initiatives in various areas, from education to culture, through social support and environmental protection


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Prompt Payment Commitment

Still this year, the company again assumed the Prompt Payment Commitment, because “good accounts make good companies”. ACEGE, IAPMEI and CIP launched the One-Time Payment Commitment to Suppliers against «the lack of a national culture of" payment on time to suppliers